trade form

  • Please allow at least 3 days for a response to your trade request. I usually get back to trades the day of, but if for some reason it goes longer than 3 days, feel free to put it through on your end!
  • If the form doesn't work, feel free to message me on discord: mingyu#0809 or email me: tentenges[at] (discord preferred!)
  • No randoms, please! If you can't find anything I want, either send card00 or message me on discord!
  • If we don't have member cards exchanged yet, let's do that, please! o/
  • Please spell out card names COMPLETELY. (ie. do NOT type cardname01/02; DO type cardname01, cardname02)
  • I am no longer accepting bulk trades! Please break up all big trades into batches of ten (10).
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